Scam Warning

Many law firms have recently indicated that they have been the target of online scammers. This is a serious issue. Clients of law firms are usually targeted by the scammers often posing as employees of the same law firm

The scammers send emails to clients using email addresses that are identical or very similar to the email address that is used by the lawyer or employee that the client has been dealing with. So it is often difficult for clients to distinguish between the scam email and the genuine email. These include

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In scam warning
  • We will never send bank details by email;
  • We will never request bank details by email;
  • Property disputes
  • Our email signature block will contain a link to this page. If you clicked on the email signature block and arrived at this page then the email is likely from our firm (as long as it meets the other tests);
  • If we send an email concerning payment, we will always contact you via telephone as well.

Please note that all of our client data is stored on external servers that are managed by a third party and is very difficult to access. To date, we are not aware of any client information that has been compromised

If you believe that you have been the target of an online scam purporting to be from our firm

Please contact us immediately on, local: 02 6181 2000 or international: +61 2 6181 2000.

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